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   'Your Success Is Our Success'


'Prof' Roberto Ancis, Chairperson and Founder

Coaching Professors started operations as a virtual company in 2006. Founded in 1981, Network and Energy Resources consisted of a group of 'Professors' teaching MBA graduate classes who also provided expert advisory to clients in 40 different industries.   Originally, located in West Los Angeles, CA operations were expanded to North San Diego in 1998 and to Arizona as Coaching Professors, Inc.  We have assisted over 1,000 companies in the past 36 years creating substantial successes; and addressed over 65,000 participants in marketing, sales and personal effectiveness seminars.  Coaching Professors is now working with clients remotely using video conferencing, systems like Skype, Go to Meeting and Blue Jeans (Europe).  

Our initial one-hour video conferencing consultation with New Clients is free of charge. To set-up an appointment you may call us at: 928-282-7447 or 310-963-2786 or Click this Book Online link or the option above to schedule when you would like to speak with us.

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