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B.S. Physics, MS Chemistry and Computer Science, MBA Marketing, Management and International Business.   Teacher, Researcher, business and technical marketing consultant since 1974.  Nationally and internationally known for his seminars in business development, sales, marketing, branding, direct marketing, distribution marketing, outreach and Internet strategies. Past clients include: LINCOLN ELECTRIC COMPANY, CUBIC WESTERN DATA, SOLAHART, LES MITCHELL INDUSTRIES, PHILIPS INTERNATIONAL, EQUITABLE LIFE, CIGNA FINANCIAL SERVICES, NEW YORK LIFE, WOODVIEW CALABASAS HOSPITALS, ALL AMERICAN MAILING, COMOEXPORT, CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION, UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS, CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES, U.S DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, IRWIN NATURALS, CHEVROLET DEALERSHIPS, BEST CARBIDE, BUM EQUIPMENT, CONTINENTAL CONTROLS CORPORATION, and GILDA MARX.



Paul C. Sabolic has over twenty-five years experience in business and management with multi-national corporations in marketing, sales training and development, management, labor relations and negotiations, strategic planning and forecasting, organization of staff and departments, creation of in-house training and team development programs. He has extensive consumer products experience with Procter & Gamble and Anheuser Busch as well as detailed knowledge of the wholesale / dealer networks within several industries.  His client list includes:  THE RALPH M. PARSONS CORPORATION (PCI), TAYLOR FREEZERS, GYMBOREE, GIFT CHECKS AMERICA, MUSTIKA RATU, LEGAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, INNOVATIVE LIGHTING SERVICES, POWERPIVOT, ARI INC., POSITIVE IMAGE PROJECTION, AND GIFT CHECKS AMERICA.  


MBA in Marketing and Business Administration and a Ph. D. in Management and Public Administration.  For many years a specialist in advanced computer technology, microcomputers, networking and data communications, Dr. Wade developed several business and marketing programs for large and small companies. Dr.  Wade currently teaches Business Development and Marketing at the University of Phoenix.  Past clients include: MIS SYSTEM GROUP, ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS - GENERAL MOTORS, S. SYSTEMS CORPORATION, COMPUTER PEOPLE RESOURCES, TANDY CORPORATION.    


BS Mechanical Engineering, MBA Marketing. National and international specialist in technical sales, sales management and performance technologies, and marketing strategies. Mr. Sellick is an experienced teacher, speaker and seminar leader.  He specializes in private practice and small business development.  Past clients include: PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, GRUPO CYDSAN, S.A., HOWELL INSTRUMENTS, LEAR SIGLER, ASTRONIC DIVISION, CONRACK CORPORATION, SCD DIVISION.    


Dr. Monica Carbajal is an organizational psychologist and a professor of psychology. She has been a  management consultant working with clients in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America. Her expertise is in bilingual training (English and Spanish); organizational development and human resources. She is an experienced consultant in industrial psychology including Social Psychology, Communication for Managers, Conflict Resolution, Team Work and Organizational Behavior.

Corporate clients have included: AMERICAN EXPRESS (Phoenix, New York, Buenos Aires, San Paulo), CORNING CORPORATIONS (Samco Scientific, San Fernando, California), DIAL INDUSTRIES (Los Angeles, Mexico City), MARRIOTT, HYATT, and DISNEYLAND HOTELS (Southern California), Grayline and Tourcoach CHARTER SERVICES (Southern California), BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTER (San Diego Incubator Corporation), GARMENT CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION (California), CALIFORNIA BUS ASSOCIATION (California).


Over twenty years experience in marketing and sales management, including ten years of international business experience. For the past nine years has been providing consulting services to firms seeking to improve their marketing and sales strategy, and management philosophy. Most recently Professor Hunter spent six months in Japan providing management training services for some major hi-tech companies such as SONY CORPORATION, ALPS and the TOHOKU ELECTRICAL POWER CORPORATION. His experience includes assisting foreign corporations seeking a presence in the Pacific Rim with product development and marketing research.


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