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Having taught Online graduate MBA courses for over 35 years and having provided Online consulting for the past 17 years, Coaching Professors, Inc. is now providing most of its advisory practices Online.  These are some of the reasons business owners prefer online consulting with occasional on-site meetings:

1 - Less expensive than on site services.

2 - Available 24/7 (*)

3 - Competency and experience that may not be easily found locally.

4 - No traveling costs for consulted advisers.

5 - Convenience (whenever you have access to the Internet - laptop, desktop or mobile phone).

6 - No wait time and no traffic, no travel time to an appointment.

7 - Does not interfere with your other work engagements.

8 - Everyone in your company may be interviewed and contacted easily, time and cost effectively by your online advisors.

9 - You may have multiple advisors attend your meeting at the same time.

10 - Faster to create and implement changes with instant online advisory.

11 - 100% skills available to support you from anywhere in the world.

12 - It allows owners/partners located at different locations to conveniently communicate with any online adviser(s), at the same time.

(*) please gives us at least two days notice using our Calendly Link so we can send you a Link for the Zoom Video Call.

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