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Nine Reasons 
  1. Coaching Professors (and its predecessor / parent company) has been a successful strategic business/marketing/sales consulting company since 1981, and opened Consulting Professors Online in 2006.

  2. Company Consultants have been successful in their field of expertise (many of them for more than 30 years) and are currently successful consultants.

  3. Consulting Professors consultants have provided their services in over 45 different industries.

  4. Consulting Professors consultants have provided services to over 1,000 clients.

  5. Consulting Professors consultants have provided both corporate and individual consultancy, as well as seminars, workshops, provided speaking engagements to over 75,000 since 1981, and taught university MBA classes in accredited universities.

  6. Consulting Professors consultants have been providing consulting services Online for two decades.

  7. Consulting Professors believes in personal and professional integrity, keeping one's promises and making this planet a better place for all.

  8. Consulting Professors have and are dedicating their life to making a positive difference in the life of others.

  9. Unique materials developed, tested and used by Coaching Professors, Consulting Professors and associated consultants for over 30 years will be shared with clients.

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