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I am pleased to take this opportunity to commend you on the exceptional training and support you have given us … as you may recall I was somewhat hesitant to accept your proposal in the beginning, based on our ignorance of the power that telephone marketing could bring to our industry   Within weeks, however, the value of the Marketing Plan you developed for us combined with your excellent coaching became abundantly clear in the sales we started making. I would encourage anybody interested in seeing their business grow to take advantage of your program.

Best Regards,

Company VP

This is to thank you for the wonderful job your company did in developing our in-house Telephone Sales Department.  We realize now that the planning and implementation of such project is quite extensive and we would have never been able to accomplish it without your professional guidance.

Your employee added that professionalism to our company that was greatly needed and did terrific work in all areas of the sales department.  Basically, she acted as our Sales Manager and was extremely effective in hiring, training and monitoring numerous sales representatives. She went above and beyond what was expected of her, including meeting with attorneys on our behalf, creating employment agreements and developing many other areas of our business.  She did not stop until she hired an extremely qualified Sales Manager to take her place. 

I will highly recommend your employee and your company to many of our clients and suppliers who want to develop a winning sales team.


Vice President Marketing


I felt I must write you a letter of thanks for your assistance and counsel in setting up our outreach program.  I am so glad we decided to utilize your consulting services rather than try and set up a program on our own as was our original intention … the program is up and running at top speed after only a few weeks.  I am sure if we tried ourselves, we would have stumbled and fallen for months as we tried to reinvent the “wheel.”

I particularly appreciate your availability to help us, even when you were overseas …

Financial Manager

We would like to thank you for your collaboration on our project.   The efficiency and organization with which you handled the job was impressive and it was a pleasure to work with someone who demonstrated such a professional as well as amicable disposition.


Trade Commission


This letter is meant as a very frank and honest testimonial to the fine job you have been doing in the direct marketing outreach efforts with several of our managers here at our company. 

Not only your initial efforts in setting up the program succeeded; it attracted us because of your unique approach to the subject and impressed us greatly with the unusually positive results it achieved in generating leads for our business.  At the same time, it was refreshing that your marketing approach also included a most important follow-up system which trains both managers and agents to maximize their return of time and money.

Very Truly Yours,

Executive Director

Your company suggestion was that we could substantially increase our sales by utilizing a targeted marketing outreach program, customized for our firm. At first I was skeptical, having tried other lead generation programs with little success.  But something told me that I would be looking at a winner, and I decided to give your company a try. Am I glad I did!  Your employee immediately began to show an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of the way our firm generated sales.  She generously offered incredibly applicable advice in other areas related to following up on and closing a sale, which proved invaluable, showing me she really cared about our firm’s success and genuinely wanted to help.  She spent countless hours customizing our marketing scripts and flowchart, coming up with remarkably imaginative and amazingly effective ways of breaking through the barriers faced in the typical marketing outreach environment.

There was never a meeting between us where I walked away without having been considerably enlightened and provoked into deep thought about our sales methods and goals.

Your employees have shown the type of dedication, resourcefulness and sheer brilliance any firm would appreciate.  They became completely engrossed in the project, projecting a Level of professionalism and caring rarely found in consulting firms.

Your company efforts have produced incredible results.  The marketing outreach program has substantially turned our firm sales and profits around … I confidentially recommend your company and your employees.



 I knew we needed better control over our lead sources and once I began to understand the power of the program that your company proposed to me, I decided to give your company a chance. Your company and your employees performed extremely well … there was a good amount of detailed work on the foundations of the sales and marketing directions, and it paid off … your employees were always professional, clear and concise, and were a big help in organize our operations … your employees were able to train the new members of our team in less than one day.  Within the first day, we saw results, within the first two days leads were generated that closed in two weeks for new substantial sales. 

I would heartily recommend your personnel to anyone interested in creating real growth, in a controlled fashion, for their company.  There is not doubt that your program has been a real benefit to our firm.


Director of Marketing

I want to thank you for the marketing seminar that you put on for the agents of our Los Angeles general office. I was impressed with your professionalism, the value of the content, and the new and different creative approaches you employed that actually brought about behavioral changes in some of our agents.

Most seminars are the “sit and listen” experience.  Your two full days of training and role play, coupled with two weeks of follow-up and, produced positive results for most agents in attendance.  I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone seeking to grow and improve themselves in their profession.

General Manager


Thank you very much for the marketing program performed by your firm.  We are pleased with the results of your project and are very enthusiastic about our future …

Yours Truly,


I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in creating our in-house direct marketing outreach department.  I was very impressed your professionalism and commitment in setting up our department as well as your ability to interview and hire qualified personnel for us.

More importantly, I am excited about the sales we made form the marketing leads that have been generated, providing our sales department with a consistent flow of qualified prospects. I will continue to highly recommend you and your company to any company searching for a new way to better organize their sales efforts and increase profitable sales.

Sincerely Yours,

Well, another success!  I just wanted to write you a note and say that I am very pleased with the results from the marketing program you recently installed for us.  The person you hired for us is absolutely wonderful and your own personnel did an outstanding job in administering the program. I will keep you apprised of our continuing success and hope we can develop some other program in the future.


Vice President of Marketing

I am writing to thank you for your valuable contribution to the Renewable Energy Technologies Conference.   As was indicated by the overwhelming attendance and the favorable comments received from registrants and the press, the event was a monumental success.  In addition, many foreign attendees told us the conference was a landmark success... 


Executive Director

I attended the CALSEIA conference in Irvine, CA and was impressed with the program in general but felt your presentation on the development of a successful sales department was the most worthwhile program of the day.  I would be interested in learning more so I could recommend your program so our dealers.


Sales Manager

Thank you very much for the marketing program you set up at our Dallas offices.  I must say that we are truly impressed with the results this program has created.  As you know, I was skeptical at first and the program has achieved what you promised and more.

I also want to acknowledge your senior trainer for the outstanding job she did in administering every aspect of the marketing program.  She is a real professional who has a great understanding of marketing and the behavioral aspects of consumer targeting.

There is no question that your marketing program has been a real benefit to our company and I would highly recommend your company to anyone.


Regional Vice President

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